5 Totally Unique DIY Gifts for Her

DIY GIfts for Her

Finding proper gifts in a small town, is like finding a needle in a haystack.  I don’t have the luxury of a mall or craft market to source a unique and timeless item that will woo the birthday girl. No, I need to think out of the box and get really creative if I want to give her a half decent present. So I have compiled a list of gift ideas that are easy to source, won’t break the bank and are totally unique.

  1. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are expensive, but not if you make them at home. These fizzy delights will make any woman want to take a bath.

Here’s a quick how to video:


  1. Personalized Notebook

Yes we live in the digital age and you can practically buy any gift online, I get it. But a personalized notebook really ads a personal touch, and the effort for not buying of the rack will leave a lasting impression.

I designed this notebook using the fonts, images and text I wanted. Simply create yours on the Orms Online Designer and they will print and deliver to your door.

This is where you really can get your creative juices flowing.

Personalized Notebook

  1. Homemade Sugar Scrub

I am yet to try this out myself, but this is definitely on my go to list if I need to whip up a quick gift. Besides, I might just need to make one for myself because these recipes I found on The Little Pine look damn nice!

  1. Essential Room Sprays

A gift that makes the house smell great and even has the added benefit of boosting your mood. I love essential oils (read here about how I use  Lavender Oil). I always have a few flavours in the house, so making room sprays are just another good way to put them to use. You only need four things–water, alcohol, essential oils and several little spritz bottles and voila!

Helloglow gives you step by step directions how to make them!

  1. Give her a Glow, with your own Glow Serum

Speaking of essential oils, you can also make a glow serum which helps rebuild skin cells, heal, balance the skin, reduce redness and hydrates the skin. It’s an everyday beauty product which doesn’t break the bank and you can put your own unique touch on it. Just always test the product for any reactions before applying to skin.

These are all gifts I would actually like to receive, they are easy to make and even if you live in a small town with limited supplies you can make them all!


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