5 things to do on a Sunday for a better Monday

5 things to do on a Sunday for a better Monday

They say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. I honestly believe this to be true, and it also helps to keep those Sunday Blues away. This doesn’t mean you necessarily have go out and spend money on lunches and events to have a good week, there are simple things you can do at home that will contribute mentally and physically to having a great week.

1. Take a Bath

I call it my #SeflcareSunday. During the week I’m always rushed so I always jump in the shower, but on Sundays I make sure I take a nice hot long bath. I go all out with bubblebath, bath salts, music and even a glass of wine. This is my time to relax, reflect on the week past and mentally prepare for the week ahead. A bath really helps to relieve anxiety, relaxes your body muscle and uplifts your mood.

Wash your hair, shave, cut your toenails,  nourish your body with oils and lotion and you will feel rejuvenated like a new woman ready to take on the week.

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2. Plan Meals

Do yourself a favour and meal plan the week’s dinners, by doing this you’ll have one less thing to worry about when you get home from work. Planning meals ahead will also help you to eat more healthy. This simple task on a Sunday removes that tiny element of stress and hassle from your daily routine. Get inspired by browsing Pinterest recipes and try new things. If your excited about what your going to cook, it won’t feel like effort.

5 Things to do on a Sunday, for a better week

3. Create a To Do List

When small tasks add up, you can start feel overwhelmed.

Make a list of all the admin you need to do for the week, include the small tasks you always forget to do like ordering printer ink or updating passwords. You’ll by surprised at how much you can accomplish in a month by just ticking off a few simple tasks every week.

Simple Tasks I always need to do, but never get to or forget to do are;

  • Filing (Invoices, medical bills, warrantee slips)
  • Clear out medicine cabinet of expired meds
  • Defrost freezer
  • Update passwords to avoid hacking
  • Order Printer Ink
  • Water Pot Plants
  • Clean out the fridge

Not only will you be less overwhelmed but the feeling of accomplishment is beneficial to your overall mood and a good motivator to stay organised.

4. Clean

This might seem like the last thing you want to do on a Sunday, but it’ll be worth it.  Waking up to a clean house on a Monday, makes you feel on top of things and in control and that’s how everyone needs to start their week. A messy house clutters the mind , impacts mood and makes people unproductive. You don’t have to spring clean, just make sure everything is neat and tidy the Sunday before you go to bed.

5. Rest

Sunday is the day of rest, and you should give yourself the time off without feeling guilty. Take that afternoon nap, read your magazines or chill on the couch and binge watch Netflix. Don’t just rest your body, rest your mind. Switch off the social media and the news and just for one day forget about the world out there and focus on you. Here’s a takeout from MindBodyGreen about the importance of rest:

More than that, studies show that sleep and rest are essential building blocks of the body and mind; you learn better if you take a nap after studying and retain more information long term. You become stronger and leaner more quickly if you periodise your training (taking rest days, and easy weeks), and you avoid the dreaded corporate “skinny-fat” figure that is driven by cortisol and relentless effort.

Here’s to better weeks and no more Sunday Blues!


5 Things to do on a Sunday for a better Monday

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