Quick Guide to Organic Skincare

A quick guide to organic skincare

Living in a small town in the Kalahari brings you closer to nature not only physically but it encourages me to follow a more simpler, natural and organic lifestyle.

I’ve already made this shift with the food I put in my body and now I feel inclined to do the same with the products I put on my body.

I have a very simple beauty regime, a basic body and facial wash plus moisturizer is all I need.    I do suffer from hyperpigmentation so any product that combats this, is a bonus.

The challenge was to find locally produced, organic and affordable skincare products that are available to purchase online with the option to be delivered nationwide i.e to a town in the middle of nowhere.

Here are the product ranges I found that tick all the boxes:

SKOON Skincare

“Skoon” is an Afrikaans word which means “clean”, exactly what I want my face to feel like.

This is a natural skincare range which uses ingredients such as Marula oil, HoneyBush Extract, Apricot Kernal Oil and Sweet Almond Oil.  Sounds yummy!

The team believes in 100% transparency so they share all the ingredients used in a product with the consumer.  The full range complies with the stringent, toxin-free criteria of the globally recognised EWG (Environmental Working Group)

The SKOON Skincare line is available to purchase online at Wellness Warehouse.



The best facial I ever had was at Skin Renewal’s Oasis Spa and back then they used Africology products.   The aromas are so powerful and results rejuvenating , I am excited to use these products again.

This natural and eco-friendly skincare range is inspired by the wisdom of Africa’s natural healers.

The products are available to buy on the Africology website.  What I also like is, if you are not keen to invest in a product before trying it out first, you can order samples sizes.  Nifty!  Just note they do charge a R150 local shipping rate, so make your you buy enough to justify the shipping costs.

Africology Skincare
Source: Africology



The Esse range is focused on probiotic skincare, and uses breakthrough BIOME+ probiotic technology.  Sounds very advanced, like science on your skin, tell me more…

The Esse range uses plant based ingredients such as Boabab, Marula and Rooibos.  They are certified organic, vegan and cruelty free.  I found some Esse products available to purchase online at Organicchoice.co.za.

Esse Skincare
Source: Esse



SOiL an eco-ethical range was born in Zululand Kwazulu Natal.  It all started from the family managed organic essential oil operation and expanded to an authentic brand that now also sells bath and body care products.  The body care products uses ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter.

Skin Creamery

A versatile luxury skincare range founded in 2014.  Skin Creamery uses locally grown ingredients and locally sourced packaging. I just  love the glass jar packaging. What I also like is the fact that you are able to buy refill sachets for the flagship product, Everyday Cream. The Everyday Cream can be used on face and body, I am definitely going to try this!

Skin Creamery use ingredients such as Baobab, Coconut and Jojoba oils, Buchu and Malachite extracts.

Products are available to purchase online on the Skin Creamery website.


Wass Skin Food

Wass Skin is a small skincare company based in Cape Town. They have four unique ‘skin food’  ranges inspired by the seasons. The Kalahari takes seasons to the extreme, the winter is harshly cold and summer uncomfortably hot. There is no in-between,  so I think this might be just what I need.

Wass Skin uses 100% Natural, Organic Essential and Botanical Oils and ingredients are also locally sourced.

Products are available to buy online on the Wass Skin website.

Wass Skin


Apostrophe Bath & Body

Apostrophe Bath & Body focuses on artisanal soaps which are handcrafted from plant based oils. The soaps are Vegan, which I like and  they are lightly scented with pure essential oils.

Who knew soaps could look this amazing! I mean with names like La-La Lavender, Pastel Hils and Marble Dreams it just makes you want to try them out! I am keen on buying the Beauty Pack, where you get an assortment of bars.

The soaps bars are available to buy online on the Apostrophe website and also on Wellness Warehouse.

#repost head on over to @forthebeautyofit to read their latest blog post on our bars ✨ Chereen goes into detail about our cold process method and the benefits- she also spills the beans on her best bar! . . . . . Repost from @forthebeautyofit using @RepostRegramApp – Looking for the perfect little gift, either for yourself or for a special someone? Look no further! @apostrophebathandbody’s beautiful hand cut and hand-shaped artisanal soaps are an absolute treat, and make the simple act of washing infinitely more luxurious. I go into greater detail about the cold process method of soap-making used to make these beauties – as well as just some of the many reasons why I love them – over on my blog this morning. Link to the blog post in bio.

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Lulu & Marula

Lulu & Marula is another great natural, handmade and locally produced brand I am considering. They’ve created each product with  a sensory experience in mind, without over complicating it. They are focused on simplicity and sustainability.

The colorful packaging is inviting and with exciting ingredients such as moroccan clay and rosehip exfoliate, I am sold.

Products are available to buy online on the Lulu & Marula site.


I am excited to try out these products and will do a follow up post with the results!

Have you used one of these ranges?  Comment below and let me know your experience or any other product suggestions!

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