Essential Lavender Oil & my reasons for using it

Essential Lavender Oil & my reasons for using it

I have made two big decisions this year, and both involve what I put in my body.  The first was reducing my meat intake and the second was going off the Pill.

I expected my body to go through some changes because of this.  The one I particularly noticed and got me concerned was the hair loss.

I’ve read that hormonal changes when quitting the Pill can cause temporary hair loss and not getting enough protein can be another reason.  Double whammy for me.

So I made it my life’s mission to find something that will combat this, naturally.  Amazingly, I have found the answer in one of the most used essentials oils on earth, Lavender Oil.  I started using Lavender Oil mainly for my hair, but turns out this essential oil offers plenty other health benefits.

Here’s how the “grandmother” of essential oils can help your hair and a few other stuff too:


Stimulates hair growth & nourishes the scalp

I add a few drops of Lavender oil to my conditioner and give my scalp a good massage.  This gives my hair a much needed nutrient boost and since Lavender Oil carries plenty of antiseptic features it also nourishes the scalp.

I noticed a decrease in number of hairs I shed, and I can honestly say my hair looks and feels longer just after three weeks.

To give your hair an even more powerful treatment, you can mix 5-8 drops of Lavender Oil with a warm carrier oil such as Olive, Jojoba or Coconut oil.  Apply the mixture to the roots, massage the scalp and leave overnight.  This improves blood circulation, which in turn stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss.

Never apply the essential oil directly to your skin or hair without a carrier oil, and remember to place a towel on your pillow or wear a shower cap to avoid getting stains on your linens.


Helps with Anxiety

Whenever I feel anxious for no reason, I apply a mixture of olive oil and lavender oil to my temples and it immediately soothes my aura.  The scent is comforting and brings upon a warm sense of relaxation.  No wonder they use Lavender in bath oils, hand creams and diffusers.


Relief Insect Bites

Not a day goes by where I have to remove some insect or bird and even once a scorpion out of our house.  Where we live, we share the space with animals because it’s their habitat.  Naturally, insect bites are more common around here than in the city.  Lavender Oil brings instant relief to the itching and with all it’s powerful antiseptic properties it can speed up the healing of wounds.


Insect Repellent

I hate these over the counter insect repellents, although effective I don’t like the chemical feel of it.  I prefer using a natural insect repellent spray. A mixture of Citronella, Spearmint and Lavender essential oils prove to be a great repellent to midges and mosquitos.


Some other uses featured on MindBodyGreen:

  • Eczema Relief
  • Alleviate Nausea or Motion Sickness
  • Stop Nosebleed
  • Treat dry or sunburned lips
  • Relieve Hay Fever Symptoms
  • Sleep Aid


Do you use Lavender Oil?  Comment below to share your experience.


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