5 Totally Unique DIY Gifts for Her

DIY GIfts for Her

Finding proper gifts in a small town, is like finding a needle in a haystack.  I don’t have the luxury of a mall or craft market to source a unique and timeless item that will woo the birthday girl. No, I need to think out of the box and get really creative if I want to give her a half decent present. So I have compiled a list of gift ideas that are easy to source, won’t break the bank and are totally unique.

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Quick Guide to Organic Skincare

A quick guide to organic skincare

Living in a small town in the Kalahari brings you closer to nature not only physically but it encourages me to follow a more simpler, natural and organic lifestyle.

I’ve already made this shift with the food I put in my body and now I feel inclined to do the same with the products I put on my body.

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