5 Instagram accounts that will inspire you to live in your car!

My husband and I are planning an overland trip in 2019 and during this trip we will need to live in our trusty Land Rover Defender for more than 5 months. Crazy I know, but is it really? There has been a massive uptake in the van life movement the past few years,  these are young couples and families who want to keep life simple and live a mobile lifestyle.

You will be amazed at how functional and homey these cars can get. Living in your car means you can save money, you have so much more freedom to travel and living in such a small space will force you to cut out the nonessentials in your life.

I am finding inspiration and comfort to know that so many people are currently doing it and loving it.

Here are a few Instagram accounts of people winning at #vanlife:

1. Elise Cook/ @elisecook

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Our home on wheels ☺️💛 TODAY – I’m writing a blog, Q&A style, answering any questions about life on the road and living in van. We are definitely not experts, we’ve been working it out as we go (eg. when we hit the road the only tools we packed were a hammer and a tiny screwdriver – which I don’t recommend doing if you plan to drive any car, let alone a vintage Kombi, around Australia) but I get asked lots of questions and I’m happy to share our experience – so I thought I’d do them all in one hit 🙌🏼 So write your questions below, anything vanlife related. I’m writing it now and for the next few hours. It’ll be live by the end of the week 😊 💛

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Travelling all through Australia in their vintage Kombi ,this gorgeous couple makes living in the van life look so effortlessly chic!

2. Where’s My Office Now/ @wheresmyofficenow

Living young, wild free with dogs in tow since 2012. This account reminds us to live life to the fullest!

3. Who Knows Where Next/ @whoknowswherenext

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“How do you make money on the road?” is such a common question. For us, the truth is that we don’t. As product designers, our career doesn’t easily lend itself to remote working. Instead of forming new careers, we chose to spend months saving money, travel on a budget, and use any spare time to work on our own projects and hobbies. As a result, we had 7 months of pure enjoyment; hiking and kayaking our way around Europe, working on our designs and our photography along the way 🙌📝📷 ↠ Just now we’re having a mostly stationary break – we’re renovating a flat to sell, working as freelance designers, Airbnb-ing a room, and selling our first van, all before we move to Australia in 4 weeks time 😅. We’re hoping this stint will set us up to begin life over there, where we’d love to take our design work on the road someday 🚐👌 ↠ There’s no magic or correct answer for how to afford months of travel in a van, everyone’s got a different set up that works for them, but by minimising your outgoings and saving before you set off, it’s certainly possible for many people. When you value experiences over things, your funds go way further than you’d think, and you become rich in memories instead of money ✨💸👏

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The decor in this van is so much better than in my own house!

4. Two Souls One Van / @slowsteadylivin

Home is truly where the heart is!

5. Raised On The Road / @raisedontheroad

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When you try to do some exercise with a 4 year old 🙈 @flexilexi_fitness #raisedontheroad #yoga #yogapants #mommyandme

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This is how kids should spend their childhood, don’t you agree?

Are you inspired to sell everything and live the ultimate van life? I totally am, but let’s see how this trip goes next year and I will keep you posted on all the pro’s and con’s of living in your car. Watch this space!


5 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You to Live in Your Car

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