Camping at Polentswa

Polentswa is a small unfenced camp on the Botswana side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. This camp has only 3 camp sites all overlooking the Polentswa pan.

Camp Sites

Each site has its own A-frame shade structure, long drop and shower shelter where one can hang a solar shower or take a bucket shower. There is no running water or power supply and one needs to be completely self-sufficient when you travel to this area.

KT-POL-01 is located nearest to the pan and has an unobstructed view of it.

KT-POL-02 is situated a bit higher than KT-POL-01 with two big trees that will provide ample shade when they carry leaves. Nice site for bigger groups.

KT-POL-03 has a view of the pan however to the west is slightly obstructed by trees, but also has nice shade.


The Polentswa waterhole is a short drive from camp. We visited Polentswa in January 2019 and during this time the waterhole, was abundant with wildlife activity throughout the day.  This is a great spot for bird photographers to capture birds of prey or to look for the elusive resident leopard. Lions, spotted hyenas, a brown hyena, springbuck, tawny eagles, secretary birds and black back jackals frequently visited this waterhole during our stay.

Polentswa waterhole

Campers at Polentswa have the exclusive opportunity to view the waterhole at dusk and dawn. No one else, except for guests staying at Polentswa Lodge, will be able to do this since the nearest main camp is 60km away.

Lions at Polentswa
Hyena at Polentswa

How to get there

Polentswa is located within the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park which has entrances at Two Rivers/Two Rivieren, Mata-Mata and Mabuasehube. Polentswa can only be accessed with 4×4 vehicles and is located 60km north of Nossob.

The camp is based quite far from all the gates. It’s advisable to stay at Nossob the night prior to your booking.

If you are planning to enter and exit the park through different countries, you need a passport and need to report to the Two Rivers/Twee Rivieren gate as these are the only gates with passport control. If you enter and exit through the same country, then no passports are required.

Where to Book

Contact the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP)

DWNP central reservations: Tel +267 318 0774 or email
DWNP office Maun:S19.98433 E23.42992

Alternatively you can use a booking agent, we used Botswana Footprints for all our Botswana camp reservations.

Botswana Footprints Website: or Tel: +267 74952318 or email

Polentswa KT-POL-01

Need to Know

  • The camp is unfenced so be wary of roaming animals.
  • Pack everything away at night, hyenas and jackals love to scour camps in search of food and rubber.
  • There is no running water, so bring your own.
  • The camp has no power.
  • Nearest fuel and shop is at Nossob camp.
  • During summer strong winds and dust storms are prevalent in the afternoons so braaing is not always an option.

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For more Polentswa inspiration, check out Juba’s Journey video:


Camping at Polentswa - Botswana

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