Camping at Spitzkoppe

In the Namib desert, about 2 hours drive from the coastal town of Swakopmund lies Spitzkoppe, an oasis of granite peaks towering over the vast desert plains that surrounds it.

We spent two nights camping at this stunning location in Namibia and consider Spitzkoppe Community Camp to be one of the most remarkable campsites and memorable experiences of our 6-month overland trip through Southern Africa.

The campsites at Spitzkoppe

Scattered throughout the area are 31 basic campsites. There are some sites that are isolated and others that are clustered together, but you will still have enough space and privacy to enjoy your time in peace.

Campsites at Spitzkoppe are not pre-allocated, it works on a first come first serve basis. Reception is also unable to tell you which sites are already occupied so you might have to drive a few rounds until you find the right spot. There are so many great campsites available which is why we camped at two different sites during our visit. We spent two nights at Spizkoppe, on the first night we camped at site 1A and on the second at campsite 10B.

Campsite 1A
Campsite 10B

A maximum of 8 people are allowed per campsite however 2,3,4,5 are smaller and can only fit overland vehicles.

The campsites are very basic – there is no water or power and some have pit toilets and braai facilities.

Not all the campsites have sufficient shade, those that do, get shade from the boulders either in the morning or in the afternoon, but during midday, there is no hiding from the sun unless you have a gazebo or awning fitted to your vehicle.

Hot water showers and flush toilets are available at the reception area but note you will have to drive there as most camps are located more than 1 kilometer from reception.

At the restaurant located near the reception, you can also buy braai packs, firewood, and water if you are low on supplies. You can also pre-book breakfast, lunch, or dinner if you don’t feel like making your own food.

Activities at Spitzkoppe

Hiking & Rock Climbing

Spitzkoppe is a hiker and rock climbers paradise with endless amounts of oversized boulders and rock corners to explore. You are free to roam wherever you want in camp but always explore with enough water and sunblock. Experienced rock climbers can take on the “Matterhorn of Namibia” which is the iconic Groot Spitzkop peak rising 1784 meters above sea level.

Guided Tours can be booked at reception to explore multiple rock art sites within Spitzkoppe. No one is allowed to visit the rock painting sites without a guide.

Don’t miss one of the most popular sites at Spitzkoppe – The Bridge, an impressive natural arch rock formation that makes for great photos. We went early in the morning to avoid the crowds. Spitzkoppe does allow day visitors so there may be groups of school children or tour groups also exploring the sights during the day.

Sunrise & Sunset

The beauty of Spitzkoppe comes alive during sunrise and sunset.

Pack a flask of coffee and go sit on a boulder to watch the sunrise over the plains and transform the “Matterhorn” from brown to bright orange.

Sunsets are just as spectacular as you watch the sky turn to pink and the last light falls onto the rock formations before temperatures drop and the first stars appear.

Sitting on high up on a boulder watching the sunset made me feel at peace and connected with the natural beauty that surrounded me. It’s a great time to reflect without any distractions and just be in the moment.


At night, the celestial display above Spitzkoppe simply takes your breath away. Spend hours watching the countless stars. It’s an excellent location for astrophotography due to the little light pollution. You also have a good chance of seeing planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.


Spitzkoppe is a fantastic place for bird watching, seeing the Rosy Faced Lovebirds was one of my highlights at camp. The area is home to a variety of species such as the Namaqua Sandgrouse, Bokmakierie, and Martial Eagle.

How to Book

Bookings can be made directly with Spitzkoppe Community Camp. You must make a booking before arrival and because it’s such an iconic camp try to make a reservation a few months in advance.


Or use Endless Africa as your booking agent to assist with all your Namibia campsite and accommodation bookings:


How to get to Spizkoppe

If you are coming from Swakopmund, drive 113 kilometers north on the B2 tar road and turn left onto the D1918 gravel road. If you are coming from Windhoek on the B2 the turn off will be on your right. The Uiba Oas Crystal Market is situated on this corner, here you can buy gemstones and support the local community. Drive for 18 kilometers and turn right onto the D3716, after 11 kilometers you will reach the Spitzkoppe Community Camp Reception.

Distance from:
Windhoek – 269km
Swakopmund – 144km

Need to know

  • Bring enough water and food as the nearest shop is at least an hour’s drive away. It’s better to come prepared and be self-sufficient.
  • Pack comfortable hiking shoes, sunhat, and water bottles to stay hydrated for when you are exploring.
  • Be vigilant of scorpions and snakes around campsites and when hiking.
  • Arrive early if you want to choose your own site.

For more Spitzkoppe inspiration and to view our full experience in Namibia check out my husband’s (Juba’s Journey) video below:

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