What to Pack: Summer Camping Safari

We are off on another adventure and this time it is a 5 day camping safari in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

We haven’t been to the park since last winter, and packing for a safari in winter and packing for a safari in summer will deliver two different suitcases. If you want see what to pack for winter safari, read my post here.

It’s in the midst of summer now, and summer months in the Kalahari delivers a dry heat with temperatures reaching up to 40 degree Celsius during the day with the occasional thunder shower in the late afternoon. If you are camping, there is no hiding from both so it’s best you are well prepared.

Here is my packing list for a summer camping safari:

Location: Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Season: Summer

Weather: Hot with afternoon thundershowers

  1. Airy Tops & Light T-Shirts –You will be sweating, it’s a given. So stay away from synthetic fabric and stick to linen and cotton tops , they work the best.
  2. Comfy shorts/Loose long pants – you will live in the comfy shorts from the morning to evening, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to still be 35 degrees when bed time comes.  Loose pants – the Kalahari doesn’t have any mosquitos or malaria, but rule of thumb anywhere in the bush is to always cover up at dusk. It’s still going to be hot, so make sure the pants are loose fitting so that you remain comfortable.
  3. Rain Jacket/Light Flees Jacket – cover up during the summer thunder storms or where a light flees during chilly morning drives.
  4. Sneakers – scorpions are very active in the summer months and I am not taking any chances, especially at night.
  5. Hat – there is no hiding from the sun when you are camping, especially in a semi-desert. Cover up.
  6. Flip Flops/Sandals – I’ll where these when in the car when we go on our self drive safari or during the day when I can see where I am walking.
  7. Long sleeve shirt – ideal for layering and adds that extra protection from the sun.
  8. Swimsuit – Some camps have swimming pools, a bare essential if you want to cool down because a few blocks of ice down the back won’t do the trick.
  9. Sunglasses – add that fashionable touch
  10. Presentable PJ’s – I am always so self conscious when walking to the ablution blocks in my PJ’s, I prefer to keep my frilly pink jams at home and where something more presentable when camping. That’s just me, use it don’t use it.

Happy camping!

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